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The One Piece RP was suggested by [matthlord], started by [IceTigerLily], and is currently being GM'ed by [Drayco]. Yeah, it's awesome. The starting point of the journey is in the North Blue, one of the five seas of the one piece world.



The Red Bandanna Pirates (Player Characters)

Lycus Ookami

  • Aliases: "The Wolf-Blade"

Player: [matthlord]

Gender: Male

Crew Position: Bodyguard

Age: 25

Appearance: Grey-silver hair, light-grey eye (the other one is missing and is covered with an eye-patch), 2 claw-like scars on the cheeck,opposite of the missing the eye. a shirt missing a sleeve on the right side, along with pants missing half of the right pipe. carries a strange, big, closed quiver on his back. In overall, he's quite handsome.

Personality: Lycus is a very loyal person. He is also known as a lover of the female kind and likes nothing more then to flirt with them. Strange things is he is scared of women flirting with him.

Background: That's a secret ^^

Combat Style: Lycus is an extremely good swordsman. In his strange quiver he carries 10 swords,each with an unique design. He excels in dealing fast blows and moves very fast in general.

Devil Fruit: None

Notes: He likes to swim, thus precluding him eating a devil fruit. Also, he does not like being a pirate, but he will work for anyone who hires him, pirates included.

Rio Takahari

  • Aliases: None

Player: [Author-Man]

Gender: Male

Crew Position: Sharpshooter

Age: 29

Appearance: Tall dark, and resonably attractive. He has grey eyes, With Black hair that reaches the top of his nose in the front, and is short in the back. He Wears a grey shirt with a blue jacket that has a skull logo on it, and long black pants. I'm not getting into the pants. He wears a gunbelt with two holsters, both of which contain a Single Action Army revolver. Strapped to his back is a arge-bore bolt-action single-shot magnum rifle with custom spyglass-scope known to him as 'The Rifle' that is his pride and joy.

Personality:A bit arrogant, but he knows what he's doing. Loves his guns, but will only use the revolvers unless he finds the need for The Rifle arises.

Background: Rio was raised the son of a small-time farmer, and joined the navy once he was old enough. There he was trained as a sniper, and developed his own unique sharpshooting style that involves predicting where enemies will be and where they will shoot. He eventually left the navy (or Marines. I'm not entirely sure which it is in the manga) and became a mercenary, doing several stints with both pirates and Marines.

Combat Style: Rio is a gunman. For the most part he will only use his revolvers, saving The Rifle for sniping. He has also custom fitted The Rifle with a bayonet, in case there's the need for close-range fighting and his other weapons are out of ammo.

Devil Fruit: None


Sumati Tsukino

  • Aliases: None

Player: [Blinkdog]

Gender: Female

Crew Position: Healer/Historian

Age: 26

Appearance: A drawing of Sumati by Blinkdog. Sumati is about 5’ 5” tall, and weighs about 148 pounds. She has darker skin and exotic facial features that make her easy to spot in a crowd. Her physique is athletic, with toned, defined muscles and a moderate amount of curves. You’d be hard pressed to notice though if you saw her on the street, as she wears baggy monk’s robes, festooned with pouches and belts, and a wide rice hat. She also wears gloves and boots, as well as a large backpack. In addition, she wears weighted bands on her wrists, elbows, shoulders, thighs, knees, ankles, and waist. In total they weigh almost seventy pounds. These bands are part of her training, and as time goes on she will add more and more weight to them to improve her strength and endurance. She only takes them off when she sleeps or if she is facing a sufficiently skilled opponent in battle.

This is just the outfit she wears while traveling though, and she has several changes of clothing that she switches between depending on the situation. The only real piece of clothing she will always wear is a necklace of a hand with an eye in the palm, and her name written on the back, sculpted out of magnetized steel of very high quality.

Personality: Sumati is a very practical person, with a no-nonsense view of the world. That’s not to say she doesn’t have a sense of humor, and her laugh is hearty and comes often. She just can’t stand people who complain about problems then do nothing. This is probably why she left her monastery. She is very knowledgeable in history and philosophy due to her monastic training, and often contemplates a situation for some time before acting, which can make her seem like a hypocrite when she tells people to solve their problems instead of just moping about them, but when she comes to a decision any illusions of hypocrisy disappear in a blur of action. She wants people to stand on their own feet and take charge of their lives, but she knows that sometimes people just can’t do it without help, and in those cases she’s glad to lend a hand. Her goal is to see the world first hand, to meet the people in it and hear how they live, and to actually apply the knowledge, skills and philosophy she learned in the monastery. Her views on morality don’t put her above traveling with pirates, but she cannot suffer those who refuse others their freedoms.

Background: Sumati was found amongst the debris from a destroyed ship that had washed up on the rocky shores of a mountainous island during a vicious storm. The island, relatively close to the entrance to the Grand line, is the home to a large, ancient and well known monastic order of monks. No other survivors were found in the wreckage, and other than the blanket and basket she was wrapped in, the only item the monks could find amongst the splintered timbers that gave any hint as to her origin was the necklace that had been tucked between her chest and the tightly wrapped protective cloths that had saved her life. An enigmatic hand with an eye in its palm, and a name etched into the back. The monk’s brought her into the monastery as an orphan, and raised her as one of their own, along with dozens of other children who were brought to their doors through fate or hopeful parents.

She adapted quickly to her adoptive home, and as she grew she enjoyed the teaching and routine that filled her young life. She quickly stuck out as a candidate for training in the monk’s ways, and at the earliest possible age she was brought from the children’s school to the halls of the full-fledged academy, an honor even those whose parents had paid to have them attend might never have. The young girl’s appetite for training never abated, although she did begin to develop an impatient streak, often sneaking off during meditation or boring classes to read advanced texts in the library or to watch high-level combat training in secret.

Throughout her time at the monastery, one of the senior monks, the one who had found her on the rocks, had acted as her mentor, and a sort of father-figure. When her impatience started to earn her reprimands from her instructors, he tried to instill with her the importance of patience and quiet contemplation. She didn’t truly understand the need for this boring and rather silly seeming process until the older monk showed her the difference between acting and thinking with haste and unclear intent, and when the mind was prepared and certain in its course. This was an epiphany to Sumati, and she attended her instructors with a newfound understanding of their philosophy.

Even with this understanding though, a sort of discontent had begun to find it’s way into her mind. It was like a great restlessness, a tugging at her heart whenever she looked out onto the horizon. She was learning so much here, but the world was not inside books, and you could not teach the experiences that it held. What was more, no matter how she looked at the Monk’s philosophy, she could never come to the conclusion that the ultimate course of action was “Sit in a monastery and meditate for the rest of your life.” She wanted to see the world first hand and actually do something about all the terrible things that they heard about whenever a ship stopped by their island. Luckily, the monks understood this need, and in fact they would often send young monks out into the world to do good works and to find greater understanding by exposing themselves to things that the monastery had protected them from for so long. When she turned twenty two, the earliest age they would allow a monk to begin their journeys, she said her goodbyes, gathered her things and set out onto the seas, using her services as a healer to buy her passage on a merchant ship.

In the four years since she left, she has traveled a great deal and met a great many people. The world has taught her much, but she is still not satisfied. Occasionally she will send a letter home, but she has no intention to return there for quite some time.

Combat Style: Sumati is an accomplished martial artist, knowing techniques that have only been taught to the healers from her temple. It closely represents the fighting style of the Shaolin Monks, but it includes the pressure-point strikes found in Dim Mak, as well as a few other main differences. It appears to have taken many cues from Tae-Kwon-Do, as all the attacking moves are done with the legs and feet, while the hands are only used for defense, throws, grapples and delivering certain pressure-point attacks. The idea behind this style is that the hands are only to be used for healing or protecting.

Skills and Abilities: Sumati is well versed in the ways of healing. She knows the secret art of Chi-healing, using the bodies own energy to repair itself, as well as many aspects of modern medicine. Her backpack and pouches are filled with equipment from bandages and surgical tools to ointments and acupuncture needles. The most rare of her instruments have tiny amounts of Seastone in them, which allows her to work on those who have eaten the devil’s fruit, and who might have powers that interfere with the healing process. She also carries several books on healing and anatomy, some brought from the monastery and others that she picked up on her travels. She also has texts on geography and history, and is widely traveled, so she often has prior knowledge of islands and their cultures, although her understanding is nowhere near universal. She does speak several languages, and is very good at adapting to very diverse cultures in a short period of time. Because of her knowledge of geography, she theoretically could act as a navigator, but she knows very little about the actual art of directing a ship. She could point it in the right direction, but navigating the winds and waves is an entirely different matter.

Devil Fruit: None


Drayco Zaraka

  • Aliases: None

Player: [Drayco] (Duh)

Gender: Male

Crew Position: Capitan

Age: 20

Appearance: An illustration provided by Drayco.

  • Height: 6'4"

Additional notes based on the brothers appearance:

  • Drayco's headband and Roan's kerchief are identical, it's just a difference of how they wear them. Those, as well as the wrap/tassels on Drayco's sword were all made by Roan, on the day before they left their island (which is also when Drayco made the sword). Drayco will never take off the headband willingly, as he considers it very lucky, and it shows the connection between the two of them.
  • Roan never parts with his hat or his scarf, the hat was a birthday present from Drayco when he turned 7, and he thinks the same about the scarf as Drayco does about the headband.
  • The scar on Drayco's chest was also incurred in the same incident. He had to dislocate his right shoulder to reach Roan to fit through a passage a little too small for him While crawling through the passage he cut himself from near the middle of his chest all the way across his right shoulder, as well as another gash on his forehead from having to shove a sharp rock aside with his head. They scarred because he was stuck in the cave for almost two days after the injuries, though he never suffered any permanent damage aside from the scars.
  • Drayco's geta sandals have a small metal plate between the teeth to reinforce it. This is due to the last pair he wore breaking in half when he kicked someone a few to many times.

Personality: Pirate. Treasure Hunter. Bounty Hunter. All-around upbeat badass. Also very protective of his little brother Roan, and will not hesitate to bust the heads of anyone who threatens him in the slightest.

Background: Drayco was born to a simple mother and father in a fishing village on a small island, the father an engineer and blacksmith, the mother a master fisher(wo)man. Lived a quiet life learning how to make explosives and swords and how to sail a ship, and lived a quiet life by and on the sea until he turned 7. On his 7th birthday exactly, his brother Roan was born. It as a happy occasion, and Drayco immediately took a liking to his younger brother, as he considered the fact that their birthdays were on the same day of the year to be fate. They became fast friends, and until Roan turned 8, they still lived a peaceful life, Roan never far behind the older brother he idolized. Roan never had the interest in explosives or weaponry, however, but picked up other hobbies from some of the local sin the village, among them tailoring and lockpicking.

Some months after Drayco's and Roan's 18th and 11th birthday respectively, however, a massive hurricane ravaged the island while Drayco and Roan were exploring some of the caves beneath the island. The majority of the people in the village were spared, but the village itself was mostly destroyed, and the rising waters trapped the two in the underground cavern for almost three days. However, their mother had been out at sea at the time of the storm, and she was killed when her boat was smashed against a rocky cliffside. Their father, having thought them lost as well as his love, was so overcome by grief that he threw himself off a cliff onto the same rocks that his wife was slain on, killing himself as well.

When the cave filled up with water, Roan became trapped in a small rocky area the two were looking for treasure in. By the time Drayco managed to force his way into the smaller area (having to severely injure himself in the process), Roan had gone unconscious from near-drowning, and only barely survived.

Drayco and Roan finally returned to the village at sunset on the third day with the injured and hungry Roan riding on his slightly less injured but equally hungry brother's back, only hours after their father had killed himself. Due to the sudden combination of the two events, Roan has developed a great fear of the sea, and will not willingly set foot onto any ship unless directly accompanied by his brother.

Regardless of what they'd just been through, the villagers believed them responsible for calling the storm by snooping around the forbidden caverns below the island. They decided as a town that the two would be forced to leave the island and presumably never return, but the elder was merciful enough to allow them to leave on one of the better sailing ships the island had that survived the storm, as well as with enough supplies for them to get by for a short while. That ship is the one they still pilot to this day (though it's been broken, repaired, and modified many times since then), now called the Zaraka Zephyr.

They've been living on their own as off-and-on pirates since then, though they've never been outright extreme about it, often stealing just enough to get. They've still managed to rack up a fair mark on their heads, as well as an enemy or two. Oddly enough, some of those enemies are even other pirates, as on at least one occasion they've beaten and turned in said pirates for the bounty, despite having bounties on their heads themselves. The Zaraka Brothers are normally seen with the whole range of interest, from some who admire their noble acts, to the other end with all the people cursing the wake their silver-streaked ship leaves behind it.

Combat Style: Has a sword roughly resembling a cross between an oversized cutlass and a Dao, worn sheathed behind the pouch on his belt when not in use, a weapon which he made himself several years ago. Aside from the fact that it's an incredibly sharp sword, it's a normal weapon. Up until recently, at least... he recently found that devil-fruit users were annoying, and that Seastone is handy, and so there is a Seastone gem about the size and shape of a golf ball set into the crossguard of the sword. He's very athletic, and that also factors in, as kicks and the occasional acrobatics are a staple of his style, as well as the frequent use of improvised weaponry, whether in melee or as thrown objects. Always carries his lucky dagger in his belt, though he rarely uses that as a weapon except as a last resort. Also usually carries some form of various explosives that he makes himself.

Devil Fruit: None

Roan Zaraka

  • Aliases: None

Player: Also [Drayco]

Gender: Male

Crew Position: First Mate, Lockpick, Navigator, Very Impromptu Cook

Age: 13

Appearance: An illustration provided by Drayco

  • Height: 4'4"

Personality: A bit shy around new people, but overall is usually a friendly, innocent kid. Very attached to his older brother, especially when they're on a boat, during which time he'll rarely leave Drayco's side at all. Also tends to come off as the voice of reason when compared to his brother's usual hotheaded attitude.

Background: See Drayco Zaraka for combined background.

Combat Style:None, really. He's got a roughly 4-foot metal rod that he carries around as a walking staff. In actuality, the rod is a container and swiss-army knife of sorts, containing several items:

  • Slingshot: One end can be pulled out into a fully-functioning slingshot, though he doesn't actually carry ammunition around with him.
  • Lockpicking Tools: The middle of the rod past the slingshot has a small latched hatch that folds out, in which is kept a number of small lockpicking tools.
  • Third Compartment: The rest of the rod has a screw-off end, and contains a spyglass, screwriver, and a number of other small items that are unimportant to mention.

Devil Fruit: None


  • Aliases: Many. Currently "Khalid El-Abad" to the Red Bandanna Crew

Player: [Lothi]

Gender: Male

Crew Position: Undercover Marine Agent

Age: 22

Appearance: He has short red hair, and normally wears a white coat over blue trousers, a red shirt, and black boots.

Personality: He puts up the facade of being stupid to make others laugh and feel better, but don't let your guard down. He's a trained killing machine, metaphorically speaking.

Background: Sasha was born into a life of misery, both of his parents died before he was a month old and there was no orphanage in his village. The police force, whcih was mainly one old ex-marine, found him and raised him until he reached the age of six, when pirates raided and killed him as a testament to the Marines. That was when he enlisted into the Marines, using his father-like figure's name to gain entry. There he trained and became ruthless in thinking, capture, and combat. Setting new standards for the acadamy, he nicknamed himself "Maelstrom Sasha" and began working for the Marines, downing countless pirate crews over the years. Then he got orders to infiltrate Drayco Zakara's crew, find out where he was going to strike next, and set up a trap, as they still wanted him alive. But when he arrives, He falls head over heels for Sumati, as he wasn't educated on handling THAT aspect of life.

Combat Style: He uses two katanas and a variety of kicks

Devil Fruit: Dup-Dup Fruit: Enhances his speed, making him even deadlier in combat.


  • Aliases: none

Player: [The Rabbity Thing]

Gender: A "He"?

Crew Position:

Age: 250

Appearance: A rough diagram of Abe. Abe is a large, four legged, hunk of wood. He consists of a wide, short, cylinder central body about a yard tall, surrounded by four taller, but skinnier, cylinder legs. These are attached to the body by much smaller wooden cylinders, giving each leg two joints. On his main section between tow of his legs is a modified tone dial he uses for speech, which is generally considered his “front”. He's about the size of a small SUV, and weighs just as much, if not more. He is festooned with cleats and winches and various other sailing apparatus, as well as a myriad number of cuts, scrapes, dings, and various other wounds that have never healed. The are several, though, that are more prominent. There is a steel cannon ball that has seemed to lodge itself in his front left foreleg. Abe has decorated this, and currently has a dead face (smiley face, but with “x”s for eyes, a frown, and its tongue sticking out) painted on. On his left flank is the oldest, and largest of his wounds, as there is a triangular chunk missing. On his front right side, there is what, at first, appears to be a scar. Upon closer inspection, it is clear it’s a strip of basalt that’s burned itself into Abe. His most recent addition is a large spearhead that has stuck itself toward the top back edge of his right flank. A short portion of the shaft is still intact, which he uses to fly small flags from. On his “rear” are carved, in a distinct handwriting, the words, “Leroy was here.” There is a slash through the “here”, and underneath, in another handwriting, are the words, “savagely beaten.” He's also picked up various “tattoos” over his lifetime. I've always liked the Oda's garish character designs, and in my head I've made him plenty garish; I’d draw him, but I don’t think my drawing skill could do him justice.

Personality: Abe is fairly apathetic (by human standards, anyway). It takes some goading to get him to do much besides what he wants to do, which mostly consists of making, maintaining, and repairing wooden things, listening to music, and lazing about. He's lived for quite some time and has seen many things, so he's just a little bit jaded when it comes to certain things. If he ever does a favor for you, you had better damned well appreciate it, cause its probably not going to happen again. He's not going to get involved in many, if any, of the fights the other characters engage in. The only times he would fight are if the entire crew were captured with absolutely no way of escape and are about to be executed, the entire crew is about to die by some other means, one or more of the crew is being tortured, or for the sake of comedy, ie. tossing a guy through a wall for doodling on some part of Abe. He probably won't involve himself in too many landlocked adventures either, as he'd be more inclined to stay with the ship. He also refuses to kill anyone or anything, even if would be in his best interest. He was once an inanimate object, and despite his attitude, is very glad to be alive, and so won't take that from anything else...directly anyway (he has been known, on rare occasions, to do things like break a man’s legs and then leave him in the desert). Furthermore, the devil fruit has rendered him INCAPABLE of landing a fatal blow; even if he tried and put all his strength into a hit, its as if the devil fruit restrains him, mitigating the force down to a no-lethal strike. He seems to enjoy music a great deal.

Background: Abe's story begins a long time ago with a man who loved the trees and forests, and who was a master woodworker, the greatest the world had ever known, in fact. Now you may be asking why a man who cares for the trees would be making things from them. Well, an even longer time ago, when men first started crafting things from the wood of trees, the trees found that when they were cut down, their spirit would live on in the pieces. As time went on, many trees, especially the young ones, realized that maybe being cut down and used by the humans could Those trees that were cut down went on to lead exciting lives as tables or chairs or houses, others went on to serve as the shields and spears of great warriors. The luckiest trees, though, became mighty ships and elaborate wagons, traveling the world and experiencing all its wonders. Other trees, however, were quite content remaining trees. The most people, and more specifically lumberjacks (the good ones anyway), seem to be able to feel this somewhat, knowing which trees did not want to be cut down by the feeling of majesty those trees instilled. The man had been born knowing all this, and its was why he was such a masterful woodworker. The things he crafted were of the most exquisite design, and tremendous durability, and were sought by the most prestigious people.

One day the man set out on a small ship he had built, to find a forest full of trees who were seeking, yearning for adventures beyond the means of a simple tree. He sailed for many years before finding an island of such trees in the North Blue. The oldest tree on the island was an Adamant Oak, one of only five in the whole world. In fact, this one was the father of the other four. For many years the man spent his time crafting wonderful items from the trees there, and he was happy. Before he could finish all his work, though, a massive hurricane struck the island. The man had taken shelter within the roots of the mighty oak, along with his creations and some lumber he had yet to fashion. When the storm subsided, the man found that everything had been swept away, except for something he had not noticed before. In the middle of the island there was a large, black stone cube. On it were inscribed words of some old forgotten language, and diagrams he could not decipher. When he consulted the oak, it told him it was called a poneglyph and that it was placed on the island about 530 years ago. The man realized that the poneglyph was from the Blank Century, and though neither he nor the tree knew the meaning of the symbols and diagrams, they both realized it must be of extreme importance. The tree remembered the attitudes of the men who had placed it on the island, and the man could tell of its importance by the craftsmanship he could see that had gone into its construction.

The man was now in a difficult position. Now not only did he have his promise to the trees to fulfill, but there was the matter of the poneglyph. With his ship washed away in the storm, he would have to use the remaining lumber to build a new ship. The problem with this, though, was that he was already getting on in years, and by the time he would finish constructing the new vessel, he would be an old man, and unable to sail home on his own. Now, the man had brought with him the Life Life fruit, intending to use it on his final creation, to bring his final masterwork to life. But, what good would it do for a ship? For reasons unknown, even to Abe after he was told this story, the man refused to eat the cursed fruit himself. The Adamant Oak understood the man’s predicament, and offered a solution when the tip of lone of its branches, which had been damaged in the storm (I told you, it was one helluva storm), fell off. The tree then instructed the man on how to work the wood. Within a few years, Abe was shaped, and the man infused the Life Life fruit into Abe, placing the majority of the fruit into Abe’s core, and sealing it. The being that was now Abe was wholly new, and not of the tree because the branch had died and fallen off, instead of being removed.

The man created Abe with several purposes in mind. Firstly, to help him build a new ship and sail back to civilization. Secondly, to carry on the man’s knowledge, continue crafting things from wood, and care for the forests. Lastly, and possibly most importantly, to decipher the poneglyph, and either guard it’s secret until the time came when people could be entrusted with it, or destroy it entirely. For the next ten years, the man and Abe worked on the ship, the man teaching Abe every thing he knew about wood working, and about life in general. As Abe made the final preparations to set sail, the man carved out the most important symbols from the poneglyph. He could tell that these particular symbols held more meaning than the others did by the extra care that had gone into their carving. He knew without these no-one would be able to read the whole message of poneglyph. He placed the pieces into a compartment in Abe made especially for that purpose. Finally, before Abe and the man left the island, the Adamant Oak made a promise to them to guard the poneglyph for as long as it was able, and the man and Abe promised to find the poneglyph’s meaning.

Shortly after they arrived back in the town the man had been born on, Monari, he passed away. Abe buried him in the man’s favorite part of the forest, and then set out on his adventure. It didn’t take long for Abe to find that the World Government had forbidden the researching of the poneglyphs. Abe knew that if he continued actively pursuing knowledge of the poneglyphs, he could be punished for it, or even worse, the secret he was carrying could be found out. That was not something he could afford to risk, so he decided that he would use his greatest advantage to solve the problem; his longevity. He knew that people were curious beings, and that eventually someone would decipher the poneglyphs. It might take generations, and it would, but Abe could wait for that someone. To pass the time until then, Abe set out to explore the world.

During that time he worked for and with many different groups of people, from merchants to governments to the navy to the occasional pirate crew. He’d always keep an ear out for any information about the poneglyphs, and every few years he would return to Monari to store his possessions; mostly books and tool, sometimes strange mementos, but never what people would normally consider “treasure”.

Then, about 22 years ago, Abe caught wind of a rumor that the scholars on Ohara were working on deciphering the poneglyphs. Through his various contacts he learned they were lead by Professor Clover and Nico Olivia. By now, Abe had been to the Grand Line several times, and he knew that despite his skill and strength, he would not be able to reach Ohara on his own. It took him a little over a year and a half, but he managed to track down a crew of pirates he’d built a ship for, whom he’d sailed with and trusted implicitly. Abe had seen a wanted poster for Nico Olivia, so he knew it was now a race against the World Government to get to Ohara. Unfortunately for Abe, and for Ohara, the WG won that race.

Abe and the pirate crew spotted the ships of the Buster Call before they could spot the Tree of Knowledge on Ohara. They beat to quarters, but the bombardment of the island had already started by the time they had caught up. Abe had seen a good many cruelties in his life, but the viciousness of the attack genuinely surprised him. As Abe and the pirate crew closed in, they were spotted by the Buster Call ships, and were fired upon as they tried to reach the island. Unbeknownst to Abe, these Buster Call ships were equipped with special cannonballs, encrusted with a thin layer of seastone, used to take out devil fruit users. As Abe was blocking the incoming cannon fire, he was hit with one of these special cannonballs, and was knocked overboard. Though Abe’s ship was sturdy, and the pirate crew strong, they were no match for the power of the Buster Call without Abe, and the navy ships made short work of them.

Days later, Abe washed up on Ohara’s beaten shores. As he came out of the stupor the ocean had put him under, he looked around, and was appalled by the wanton destruction he saw. The entire island had been razed; they had even burnt down the mighty and wizened tree. Abe had known and expected that the World Government wouldn’t go easy on people who researched the poneglyphs, but he was truly shocked and enraged at the apparent lengths they were willing to go to suppress the knowledge. As he built a small boat from the debris on the island, and the flotsam that washed ashore, he made yet another vow; before the life he had been granted was spent, he would see the fall of the World Government (heeeey, I made a rhyme! =D). He sailed from Ohara that day thinking he would have another, longer, wait until someone would be brave enough to study the poneglyphs. Abe has not worked for, or associated with, the navy or World Government since then.

Recently, though, Abe discovered the wanted poster of Nico Robin, who he recognized as the spitting image of her mother. Through his various contacts, he found that she too was able to read the poneglyphs, and that she currently is part of a powerful pirate crew, called the Straw Hat Pirates, sailing the Grand Line. Abe was relieved to hear this, for he’d heard the story that the Straw Hat Pirates were so tough, they had destroyed Enies Lobby, as well as defeated CP9, and is confident they will keep her safe. Abe is now searching for a crew capable of taking him back to the Grand Line once again, to meet with Nico Robin. He is still keeping an eye out for others who might have knowledge of the poneglyphs, though.

Abe is currently returning to Monari after a very short voyage with a….lackluster crew.

Combat Style: Abe has no real “style” to speak of, though he has picked up techniques from various fighting styles. He mostly just uses his massive strength and weight to bludgeon opponents into submission. That isn’t to say, though, Abe hasn’t developed his own unique attacks, or that he can’t fight.

Powers/Abilities: Abe is made of from the wood of a very rare and sturdy tree called the Adamant Oak (not related to the Adam tree), and was brought to life with the Life Life fruit. The Adamant Oak grows to very old ages, most trees that are known are well over 1000, and are quite huge. It is also nigh indestructible, lumberjacks throughout the ages have tried to cut one down, but nothing has seemed to work. I'll get to how Abe was made from this wood in his history, but he has retained the same resilience. Bullets shed off him like they were raindrops, most swordsmen can only manage to scratch him, acids do nothing but mess up his various "tattoos" and make him rather upset, explosions and fires merely singe, even (most) cannon balls just bounce off him, leaving only a very shallow, barely noticeable pock mark. Because of his nature, he is also extremely physically strong. He could go toe-to-toe with even the strongest characters of the main story, including White Beard and Black Beard. The Life Life fruit, if it had been used by a human, would have granted the human extremely long life, and amazing regenerative powers. But, because it was used to animate Abe, it simply granted him life, and because he was once part of a tree, his regenerative powers have been vastly retarded. Scratches and scuffs can take a year or more to properly heal, more severe wounds can take a lifetime. He also has a special attunement to trees and wood, but I'll get much more into that in his history. He has three modes of locomotion available. Normally, he just walks around on his four limbs. He can only get up to a brisk jogging speed like this without shaking the ground around him and causing a commotion. If he has to travel longer distances, or needs to move faster than a jog, he can angle his legs so only the inside edge is touching the ground, that rotate his fore legs on axis, like wheels. He’s fairly maneuverable like this, and can turn on a dime. This does not work on muddy terrain or sand, though. Top speed is around 30 mph. His fastest mode of locomotion is cartwheeling. Like this he travel up to 60 mph, but is not hugely maneuverable, and needs some space in which to turn. Abe is highly unlikely to ever use this, as there’s no way he would want to chase after anyone who could move that fast, and there isn’t much he’d need to outrun. Finally, Abe seems to be able to walk “upright” on just two of his legs. This serves little purpose outside of intimidation, as he rises to a height of 20ft or so.

He CAN be damaged, if sufficient force and/or seastone is used, but it would have to be from something along the lines of a fight with White Beard, or Shanks, or a Buster Call. Even then, the attacker is going to have to work hard to cause any significant damage. However, any damage he does sustain would be PERMANENT for the course of the RP. He can't be fixed or healed by anyone. Also, seastone has the effect of causing whatever part of Abe its near to go dormant, and become slightly easier to damage. The seastone doesn't even need to touch him, just be near. He couldn't swim even if the devil fruit allowed him to; he's just too dense and would sink like a rock. With the added effect of the devil fruit, though, he sinks like a torpedo. If he isn't tethered to something sturdy, the second he hits the water, he's goin' straight to the bottom. There's an actual force pulling him down, one strong enough to sink a small ship should he be attached to the ship. This won't kill him, though, because he doesn't breathe or eat, but it puts him in a similar state as the seastone does. If he fell off the ship, that's it, he's dead as far as the RP is concerned, short of some Deus Ex Machina from the GM.

Devil Fruit:


  • Strengths
    • Massive physical strength
    • Nearly indestructible
    • Master woodworker
  • Weaknesses
    • The ocean
    • Exaggerated weakness to seastone
    • Cannot kill (directly)
    • Apathy


  • None of the ships Abe has made survive to this day. In fact, most of them were destroyed within a few years of their completion.
  • Abe has met, or crossed paths with, most of the older characters (ie, Gold Roger, Whitebeard, Tom, among others), but other than Tom, did not spend a great deal of time with them.
  • Abe's voice sounds like John Goodman
  • His theme song is Reliant K's "The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything"

Jackson Wellington

  • Aliases: None

Player: [ThatCanadianDude]

Gender: Male

Crew Position: Cook

Age: 23

Appearance: Wavy Blond Hair Down to the side of his chin, Crevat, Dark Blue Suit, Wheelchair

Personality: Suave and sophisticated, he is a gentleman's gentleman. Kind to all he sees, all while keeping a sophisticated aire about himself. It is next to impossible to piss him off, but when he looses his temper, he will begin to yell and randomly insult people. To tick him off, he needs to have a girlfriend, and you need to kidnap and hurt her. Most people don't just do that.

Background: Born into an upscale family, Jackson was raised to be a gentleman among gentlemen. He was supposed to be a member of the snobby upper class, to look down on the less fortunate....

Until one day, when he was out for a walk. Having shunned his bodyguards, he was kidnapped by a gang of pirates, planning to hold him for ransom. Held on board their ship, he watched as his family sent bounty hunter after bounty hunter to save him. Reguardless to say, they never managed to get him out.

Finally, one day, sick of the constant screw ups, he freed himself from his captors and attempted to get away. However, the pirate captain caught him on the deck. The captain fired a pistol, one shot, as Jackson tried to flee. The bullet embedded itself in his lower spine, and he fell directly into the water, no feeling in his legs.

He awoke on the beach of a random island. It was small, no bigger then a half a square mile. On it, he met a man by the name of Chef Francisco D. Poilo. He was a famous chef at a well known resteraunt, but he has suddenly abbandoned it in an effort to go out and widden his culinary expertice. By the time he had returned, however, the resteraunt had gone out of business without him. He had decided that the people just where too narrow minded. If they couldn't take a different person's cooking, or just refused to come because he was gone, they where too ignorant to be worthy of his food.

However, he said he saw something in Jackson. Carrying him to the shack he lived in, and creating a makeshift wheelchair, he taught Jackson the ways of the chef. He taught Jackson for 3 years, until Jackson was 18. At this point, a different pirate ship landed on the island. These pirates had actually stopped because of the smell coming from the island. They immediatly hired/force Jackson to be their ship's chef.

Jackson stayed on that ship for 4 years, until he finally got sick of the food wasting imbecils on this ship. He officially resigned and took off. Where he went to is anyones guess.

Combat Style: Butcher's Blade. Despite being confined to a wheelchair, he fights with a butcher knife, and displays good manuverability with the wheelchair, including hopping and quick bursts of speed involved in charging.

Devil Fruit: None

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